Alathar's Dark Tower

"The needs of The One outweigh the needs of the many."

Spinning Chaos AT LAST!!!
Pictures of The Arch-Duke of Chaos
Spinning Chaos

Despite my renown within the realm of Angland (and far beyond), there are surprisingly few extant portraits of my noble features available for distribution on this page. This is primarily due to the intimidating and unmanning effects my presence has on those of a sensitive, artistic disposition; before their efforts can be completed, the vast majority of portraitists take their own lives as their own insignificance and futility in comparison with myself begins to register.

He also breaks mirrors... - The Lackey.

However, the unstinting efforts of my Lackey, after suitably motivating threats (and samples) of extreme pain had been applied, have managed to locate a few invaluable images of my august self.

Click any of these images for an enlarged view - if you feel that your soul can withstand such grandeur

An early image A very early photo - although even here the seeds of my greatness are evident.
Alathar - master of disguise One of my multitudinous talents is a unparalleled mastery of the art of disguise. On many an occasion I have accompanied unknowing parties and preserved them from the hazards that would have otherwise spelt their doom.
Can you begin to guess which of the party members in the adjacent portrait is actually my awesome self?
The disguise maestro himself For those unable to discern my camouflaged presence in the preceding portrait, here is an image containing me alone.

Yes, incredible as it may seem, it really is me! Marvel at my skills of concealment!

Saving the day... Yet another cunning disguise...
In all His splendour On rare occasions I reveal myself to the rabble of Merkar in my full Dark glory.

While such occasions are invariably the highlight of the Merkarian social calendar, attending them is not without risk to those of fragile mind - many a soul has been blasted into catatonia upon first glimpsing my visage.

...actually, it's more a case of "blasted into catatonia upon first engaging me in conversation" - The Lackey.