Alathar's Dark Tower

"The needs of The One outweigh the needs of the many."

Last updated: 29th April 1998

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Greetings, feeble mortals! Alathar greeting a feeble mortal

I am Duke Alathar Cirothral, Eternal Lord of Darkness, and I bid you welcome to this, my home page.

With all the hard work done by me - HE doesn't know I've put these extra bits in! - Alathar's Lackey (Ian Kirk)

Many of you will no doubt have come across my hallowed name before; you will have heard it whispered in awed tones as the most powerful Black Elementalist of all time.

It is for those people, and the benighted few that have not heard of me at all, that I have caused this web page to be brought into existence; no longer will I allow the petty lies of those that conspire against me to go unanswered.

This picture is not my divine self. No way, no how.


For the exceptionally dense amongst you, I will describe the fundamentals of just what an Elementalist is. This must be done before you can appreciate just how powerful I really am.

Put simply (so that the likes of you can understand it) an Elementalist is one who utilises the force of of his will to manipulate the matter and energy around him. Peasants frequently call such people magic-users or magicians, but in doing so only reveal their own ignorance - the proper term is most definitely "Elementalist".

There are 6 fundamental elements for an Elementalist to manipulate (the Greeks only found the first 4 of these), in addition to the underlying Aether within which the elements' primal planes exist.

The Six Elements (and the boring old Aether)
Fire Red A not unreasonable colour - mainly associated with damage and destruction.
Air Blue Surprisingly useful, with a wide range of movement and damage-related spells. My secondary speciality, after (of course) Darkness.
Earth Brown Smelly.
Water Green A wet colour, followed by wet and weak Elementalists.
Light White A pathetic, weak, colour. Followers of this colour would be the butts of many a joke, were it not for the fact that they are beneath contempt.
Darkness Black The colour of Power and greatness. All truly powerful Elementalists follow this colour.
Aether Grey A dull, boring, colour - followed by those too indecisive to pick a proper element (specifically, Darkness).

It is worth noting that the more feeble-minded members of the Good Guild frequently associate Darkness with evil and Light with good. This is an entirely artificial connection, which only goes to show just how stupid these people really are. All elements are, of course, intrinsically neutral - Darkness is no more evil than Water.


A snippet of poetry that was dedicated to my august self:

Lo! Thy dread Empire, Chaos! is restor'd;
Light dies before thy uncreating word;
Thy hand, great Anarch! lets the curtain fall;
And Universal Darkness buries All.
- from "The Dunciad" by Alexander Pope

If you wish to get in touch, you can email me and I may deign to notice your comments.

Anything you have to say regarding the content or layout of these pages should go directly to my lackey, who will be made to suffer if he has failed me in any way.