Alathar's Dark Tower

"The needs of The One outweigh the needs of the many."

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While none can match me in power or majesty there are a scant few sites I judge to be worthy of my favour. Their hearts are in the right place, although naturally their intellects leave something to be desired when compared against my own.

For your information and education, I hereby grant you access to these sites.

Save the Dragons Campaign

The Save the Dragons Campaign.

Dragons kill elves. And dwarves.

Dogbert's New Ruling Class.

So refreshing to see a youngster with a bit of initiative these days!
Journals of Chaos

The Journals of Chaos

The author of these journals starts off on a reasonable track, but quickly blows it all when he claims that Law is more powerful than Chaos and that the Elves are on the side of Chaos. Have you ever heard anything so preposterous?

Still, worth a look for a quick laugh.

Black & White

Black & White

A truly excellent game, which may just give some of you plebians a flavour of what it is to be my exaulted self.

American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry

Society for Treating Senile Old Fools

I put this one in - the perfect home for His August Nuttiness. It has the added advantage of being a long way away from the UK, where he's set us both up.
- The Lackey