Alathar's Link Button - Lead Others Down the Twisty Paths of Chaos!!

Visit Alathar's Dark Tower

Want a copy of this awesome icon, pointing to this even more awesome site, on your page?

There are two ways of doing this (that being more chaotic than only having one):

Method #1: Direct Link

Just copy the following HTML snippet onto your page, and that's that!!!

<a href=""><img
alt="Visit Alathar's Dark Tower" border="2"></a>

Method #2: Copy the Button To Your Page

Follow these steps (might seem a bit Lawful, but in this case the ends justify the means!):

  1. Take a local copy of the button's image, and copy it into the same directory as your pages.

  2. Copy the following HTML snippet onto your page:
    		<a href=""><img
    		src="alalink1.gif" width=88 height=32 
    		alt="Visit Alathar's Dark Tower" border="2"></a>
This has the disadvantage of requiring a bit more work, and not automatically updating if I choose to install an even more glorious icon at some stage.
On the other hand it will mean that you have an icon always to hand, so should that fool Kirk lapse in some way and misplace the original it will have no bearing on your page. Additionally the local icon means you will not need to go "on-line" should you wish to view your pages locally (whilst developing them, for instance) - this may be advisable, as over-frequent linking to the mighty reservoir of power that is my Domain may have detrimental effects on your own paltry computing devices.

The icon might be changed from time to time (hence the lack of height and width specifiers in method #1). If you've used method #1 you'll get any new version automatically, if you used #2 you'll have to check every now and again and see if you need to take a new copy. But visiting my page from time to time is hardly a chore, now is it?

Then again it might not be updated ever - who can say? (That's Chaos for you...)

This icon provided by, and for the greater glory of,

Duke Alathar Cirothral™

Eternal Lord of Darkness