VOLUME 1: In the Beginning


Chapter 1:A Tale of Two Brothers
Chapter 2:A Tale of Two Sisters
Chapter 3:Sounds Like a Guy Thing
Chapter 4:The Ice War at the Top of the World
Chapter 5:As Time Goes By
Chapter 6:Merlin Takes Counsel
Chapter 7:The Desert War in the Southern Badlands
Chapter 8:Home Sweet Home Again
Chapter 9:Sin in the Castle Called Island Keep
Chapter 10:The War in the Tropical Sea
Chapter 11:A Brotherly Visitation
Chapter 12:Silken Dalliance
Chapter 13:Dueling Banjos
Chapter 14:The Once and Future Putz
Chapter 15:Dirty Doings on the Horizon
Chapter 16:Ho! Ho! Ho!
Chapter 17:A-Sailing We Will Go
Chapter 18:Doomsday Unleashed
Chapter 19:Meanwhile Back in Merry Olde England...
Chapter 20:It Was Just One of those Days
Chapter 21:What the Hell Have We Done?
Chapter 22:Uh-oh! I'm Out of Here!
Chapter 23:Foreboding in the Holds of Chaos
Chapter 24:We're Not Invited!
Chapter 25:Party! Party! Part I
Chapter 26:Party! Party! Part II
Chapter 27:Let It Begin
Chapter 28:Party's Over...Time to Go

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