Chapter 1:Destined for Greatness
Chapter 2:It was a Dark and Stormy Night
Chapter 3:Bacon Qualifies as a Bonafide Bar Pig
Chapter 4:The Life of a Bar Pig
Chapter 6:Erection Fever!
Chapter 7:People in Front, Pigs in Back
Chapter 8:Potberry Pigs Been Berry Berry Good to Me!
Chapter 9:Bring 'em Back Alive!
Chapter 10:Pigs With Attitudes
Chapter 11:Dark Doings at a Highway Rest Stop
Chapter 12:The Great Pignapping Caper
Chapter 13:The FBI Comes to Call
Chapter 14:Yes and No
Chapter 15:The Candidate Addresses the Issues - Part One
Chapter 16:The Candidate Addresses the Issues - Part Two
Chapter 17:The Incumbent Waffles the Issues
Chapter 18:Mission Accomplished!
Chapter 19:Please Don't Eat the Roses
Chapter 20:The Great Gold Sniffing Pig Scam
Chapter 21:There's One Born Every Minute
Chapter 22:Hot Times in the Old Town
Chapter 23:See Spot Run. Run, Spot, Run.
Chapter 24:Love Rears Its Ugly Head
Chapter 25:Who Can Stand to See a Grown Pig Cry?
Chapter 26:Pig Laces Every Thursday!
Chapter 27:Looking For Love in All the Wrong Races...
Chapter 28:One Helluva Derby Photo Finish!
Chapter 29:Harley Pops the Big Question (sort of)
Chapter 30:Here Comes the Pig, All Dressed in White
Chapter 31:"No Pig Ever Had a Finer Wedding," Declared the Little Old Snowbird from Icicle, Idaho
Chapter 32:It's a Boy!...and a Girl!...and Three More!
Chapter 33:Home Again, home Again, Jiggedy-Jog!

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