Mme "Marie" Cook - An Apology??

Recently the infamous "pudding queen", Mme Cook, has dared to request an apology from my infallible self in return for the release of some trivial "T-shirt" garment of my Lackey's she has taken hostage.

One condition for the return of this garment is "saying pretty please with fluffy bunny rabbits on top" - to demonstrate to Mme Cook that she should be careful what she asks for, the following statement is provided:

Stuffed Rabbits

...sadly the fluffy bunny rabbits did not come out of the experience in the best of conditions.

She has also demanded (the fool!) an apology for displaying her "fair visage" without her permission. Ignoring, for the moment, the sheer impudence of demanding anything from one as powerful as myself, I will address the "fair visage" issue.

As they say, looks are only skin deep, and is Mme Cook really the sort of individual whose behaviour makes her a "fair" person?

This issue must be addressed...

Mme Cook

Smiley Happy Person?

Happy Marie

or Lurking Killjoy?

Peeved Marie

The Choice is Yours...
She's Smiley and Happy Because... She's a Lurking Killjoy Because...
  • Geoff likes her, when she's not threatening to kill him.
  • She likes shooting children with her bow and arrow. And who can fault her for that?
  • She's just moved into a very nice new house, which has cheered her up no end.
  • She does not appreciate how grim her plight is now she has confronted my Dark self.
  • The Tories got stuffed in the General Election.
    Hurrah!! - The Lackey
  • She has a certain amusing impudence, for all her many flaws.
  • She's always hitting and bullying people.
  • She keeps threatening to kill Geoff's kittens, Eric and Freida.
  • She keeps threatening to kill Geoff.
  • She has heinously stolen my Lackey's T-shirt.
    Too bloody right she has! - The Lackey
  • She's a psychologist, so is probably inferring all your embarrassing secrets this very instant.
  • No one knows why; she just is.

So, decide for yourselves if Mme Cook really is a "fair" person that deserves an apology for the use of her portrait, and inform me of your opinion:

Marie Cook is:
a)A Smiley Happy Person
b)A Lurking Killjoy
Your name:
Your email:

If, unbelievable as it seems, the consensus of your insignificant views is that she is indeed fair, I may just consider placing some appropriate statement on this site at a future date.

The Voting So Far

CategoryVotes CastWeightingScore
"Smiley" Votes2+1 
"Lurker" Votes35-1 -5 
Spoilt Votes15
Cheaty Votes27-½ -3½ 
Grand Total: -6½ 

And we seem to be coming to the conclusion (in large part because of her own underhand tactics) that Marie is indeed a Lurking Killjoy...

1Votes cast for Marie, but only because she threatened the voter.
2Votes cast for Marie, but by herself (sad, eh?)..
3Includes one vote cast for Marie as Smiley, but qualified by "as Smiley as the Joker" (c.f. Batman)...decided this was really a Killjoy vote.